about to die at work why the fuck am i here for a 3 hour shift??? Huh???? HUH????

mutuals send me to hell right now

i turned off my laptop at 11:30 because i wanted to go to bed early but all i did was pick up my phone and continue doing what i was doing on my computer and now it’s 1 am FUCK MYSELF!!!!!!!!!


you put the tip of the dick in your ass but you don’t let it fuck you: a metaphor

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can u believe this shit???? FUCK OFF SNOW!!!!!!!!

can u believe this shit???? FUCK OFF SNOW!!!!!!!!

i wish u guys could see this zit on my chin it’s been there for a week i think it’s getting stronger….


Isn’t it so great to be the most beautiful person in the world? not that you would know cause it’s me but can you imagine?

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I want rihanna to end my life

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True Life: i can’t stop watching the I Luh Ya Papi music video

i haven’t listened to 1d in like 20 months……….. i’m going in


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donutduchess said: Omg!!! aaahh thank u u rock Kristin .. I like the 2nd one :-)

np!!!!!!!! ok next time i see hayleys lame ass we’ll have to meet up and ill give it to u!!!!